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  1. MWC 83 - 1970s Swedish Airman

    by , Apr 22, 2017 at 10:54 AM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    Sweden remained neutral throughout the second world war, but recognised the growing tension between the Nato Alliance and the Warsaw Pact countries, with the Russian border just 200 kilometres away Sweden knew it would have to react with lightning speed should any invasion come.
    Knowing airfields would be priority targets for any invasion force the Swedish government devised a series of Sub-Airfields, ...
  2. The ever fluid Grail Situation

    With the Wife going back to School (to finish her Geology Degree), I've had to become a little more frugal in my dreams.

    So, unless I change my mind in the next week or so, the new Grail -
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    Just talked to Topper Jewelers on the Phone today, and I'm only $130.00 away.

    Beautiful classic Watch that appears to look good on just about every Strap. Soon...
  3. MWC 82 - 1940s American Marine Corp Airman

    by , Apr 6, 2017 at 11:46 PM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    The War in the Pacific had been a long time beginning. As far back as the early 1930s, Japan had followed an increasingly Imperialist policy, aiming to expand its territories and influence in an attempt to gain access to the raw materials that the Japanese homeland lacked, for example, the Dutch East-Indies was known to be rich in oil reserves. Australia, The Netherlands Britain and the USA had ...
  4. MWC 81 - 1960s British Submariner

    by , Mar 29, 2017 at 11:05 PM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    The Royal Navy first launched a submarine in 1901, the HMS Holand One, and although Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson, then Controller of the Navy, called the new style of sea warfare "underhand, unfair and damned un-English" the submarine was here to stay. During World War One submarines proved their effectiveness, despite being a small minority of the active Navy personnel, The Submarine Service ...
  5. MWC 80 - 1940s American Airman

    by , Mar 13, 2017 at 09:55 AM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    In 1941, with the conflict in Europe escalating, there was an increasing likelihood of the United States joining World War II. It was becoming obvious that a properly structured Air Force was far more effective than the dispersed command structure still in place so in June of 1941 the US Army Air Force was formed. There was still significant disagreement as to who within the command structure was ...
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