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Thread: ****** WRUW - JUNE'16 ******

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sedi View Post
    Still wearing my new Protrek and since I like the STN display so much I also ordered the PRW-3100. Call me crazy .
    I'll be very interested to see some side by side comparisons of the 3510 & 3100.

    I think I would like the smaller size of the 3100.

    The 3100 apparently wont be a USA release so I would have to order international to get one. But I am really liking that STN lcd. It is getting great reviews everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iyonk View Post
    do you still like that one piece tappered thickness strap Greg? it definitely look better than the day you received it with some leather surface scratches and imperfections..
    have you tried it on your seiko solar or other 20mm lug watch? or this one dedicated to that handsome VSA?
    Yes I love it iyonk.

    It's so light and comfortable that I cant tell that I'm wearing a watch. It's thinner than my other leather straps and I'm probably too careful when wearing it because I'm afraid I'll damage it. But I know it's tough and durable.

    It works well with my seiko solar and my hamilton also. I have so many choices now and I'll be honest and admit that some days when I have time I swap straps and watch heads to try every combo possible with what I have.

    I even swap every buckle I have around to see how they fit differently.

    I really like it combined with the VSA and usually have them matched up.

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    Solid state chrono!

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    ****** WRUW - JUNE'16 ******

    Wrong thread :-(
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