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I was not a big fan of the DW6900 at first.. got one as a gift with white resin.. i find them to bulky for my wrist with the same features as a basic DW5600.. i also got several solar G6900 also and still didn't bond wit them due to the factory strap didn't fit me well..

then i got a basic black DW6900 and put the supple GW5000 sost strap on it and boy! what a world of difference!! now it is among my rotation G.. it just fit me well and i love that the 5th light button is much easier to access than the sguare DW5600.

with that in mind, now i regret that i didn't get the DW6930c 30th anniversarry back then.. i know that have very good display and contrast/legibility.. still got to pair it with the GW5000 strap though..

Great thread Phil! and congrats on your new lovely G..
Thank you Iyonk.

On my wrist the 6900 with the original strap wears really comfy.

But I agree the strap of the strap of the gw 5000 is much softer than the strap of base models.

The 6930 looks awesome. Unfortunately I don't own one of these. Now the prices are in hell.