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Thread: WRUW March 2017?

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    WRUW March 2017?

    Starting with the full metal EFD-1000!

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    Morning gang!

    Regards Phil


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    Thank you very much for the start Mac!

    gave the G5600e some wrist time after i put it near the window since yesterday to top up the level..
    i wore this one for 10 months straight before i score the 5030c and this was my fav watch back then.., and it is so well regulated that it only drift 0.5 sec in 18 months!
    still love it and will always be a keeper..
    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    WRUW March 2017?

    Great kick- loff mac

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    I"ve had some monster cold bug for the last two weeks, so I couldn't be bothered setting and winding mechanical watches. Been in bed a lot, so probably not even active enough to keep an automatic running. So....G-Shocks to the rescue!
    I'v e been switching between these two, so March will begin as February ended:
    Maui 16 watches58.jpg
    GA100 beach4.jpg


    Maui 16 watches62.jpg
    GLX5600A 3.jpg

    Just for a change, today I strapped on my DW-5600e:
    Previously used pics, sorry.

    I might even do an entire month of just G-Shocks only!

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    Hope you're feeling better soon Sherry.

    Great photos of some of your collection.

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    Still raining here and havent taken off my basic square for a couple days.

    Have a great month ahead guys.
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    WRUW March 2017?

    All the best Sherry Awesome shots

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    One of my 5600 favorites!

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    Cheers, Sedi

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