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Thread: April 2017, whats on your wrist?

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    Have a great week ahead guys.
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    its been a while since it put this one on my wrist.. an obvious sign that i have to many watches..

    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    Well the NC Tarheels won the title. I will admit I'm not a big fan though, but it's one the for home state and the ACC.

    No pics today, so busy now it's already getting dark. 5600J to work now my hamilton for the evening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Congrats Tom.

    Love that marine blue. It's close to Carolina blue and the Tarheels play for the NCAA championship tonight.
    Thanks a lot Greg. Very kind. Gotta check the Carolina blue later More shots the coming days and especially the weekend.

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    Always in a good mood when I take this one

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    Plastic housing and sapphire lens!

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    IWL handwind chrono today..

    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    New strap for the Super Skyhawk arrived - love the color but quality is not too good. It was one of those cheapo 'less-than-10' straps from eBay. But I like the fact that the rings are flat and don't move around so much. This way the tucked in end doesn't slip out as easily.
    Cheers, Sedi

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