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Thread: Shanghai Diamond

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    Shanghai Diamond

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    Can't help humming this at the mo.


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    That's nice Dave! Classic looks.

    What mvmt are they using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meijlinder View Post
    That's nice Dave! Classic looks.

    What mvmt are they using?
    Thanks Magnus.

    Not much listed on these

    Spitting image of this Hangzhou


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    Learnt awhile back not to buy a strap until the watch as arrived.
    Good job didn't with this too


    Dimensions say 18mm , as can be seen from their pics. obviously wrong. For a 38mm case an 18 would look under half, which it doesn't. Found this before with a few of mine, don't know why but some list the buckle size not the lug width. This is 21mm. Makes the case appear smaller with an over half strap, cool

    Measured the case thickness too. Detailed at 11mm, which it is on a flat surface, the lowered lugs give a case thickness of 9 or there abouts, fits snug.

    Proper white dial, which got to admit wasn't sure whether it would be, many say white yet really silver or grey, nice

    Black dial model looks nice too

    ps lug to lug 46mm
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    Hope someone could translate. Afaik the Diamond factory shut down in 1999, assume Shanghai owned and brought back to life.

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