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Thread: Shanghai Diamond

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    Everest had not been set btw
    So similar yet so different

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    34 hrs. 9 mins. power reserve check

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    Had some straps to swap and too rigid to fit, don't want to force. On an un-used deer 20mm at the mo, nearly 21mm so pretty cool.
    Pity iyonk hasn't got around to grained yet , hint

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    Being from that neck of the woods and in the know thought Jun would know something, had a reply a day or so ago...

    The brand of Diamond is an independent company that is not owned by Shanghai watch factory.
    In the old days there were at least four major factories.
    The brand of Shanghai ( most often we call it Shanghai Watch Factory ) is No.1 factory.
    The brand of Gem Flower is No. 2 factory.
    The brand of Diamond is No. 4 factory.

    who is no. 3 then, didn't ask again.
    Wonder whether Diamond did stop making watches, or recently re-launched.

    Guess from the stop watch co. as similar logo


    not a bad price either

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    No. 3 was Hai Shi (Sea Lion) and Haida brands. No. 4 made ZuanShi/Diamond wristwatches. It manufactured stopwatches (under different factory names including Shanghai Stopwatch Factory) until 1978, when production was moved to Shanghai No. 2 Clock Factory. No. 2 CF also took the Shanghai Stopwatch Factory name. Shanghai No. 4 was closed in about 1999. I don't know who makes Diamond brand wristwatches now, but it appears SSF still produces stopwatches.
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    Not a fan of this range


    wasn't the '39 when the clocks started being produced

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    From the Chinese Watch Wiki:

    In 1932 Koo Hai Zheng opened a clock factory in Shanghai called Tak On Clock Factory. These first clocks were branded Double Arrow. The factory was bombed and destroyed in the 1937 Japanese invasion, however the following year it was rebuilt and renamed Jin Xing (Gold Star) Industrial Association. Production commenced of alarm clocks bearing the now-famous Diamond brand name.
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