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Thread: WRUW June 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by meijlinder View Post
    Nice and classy!

    Does the disc turn for the AM/PM indicator?
    Thanks Magnus.
    Yes it is, well made, nice finish. The Tmall reviews say the same, their piccies are too small to tell though, and as posted a little while ago on the chat thread which at the time didn't elaborate, had an apologetic note with the tracking, hadn't noticed either
    Not a bad size at 40mm case, 10mm thick, 20mm strap,48mm lug to lug, sapphire too, stunner.
    Pretty sure yet another bought in movement, ST16 perhaps ?, wonder why, they seem to be doing that a lot of late.
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    Beijing today. BS2 inside but what's most likely a dial from an SB5.

    If anyone has seen a similar dial, I'm curious to know.

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    My collection of Vintage Chinese Mechanicals can be seen at

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    My collection of Vintage Chinese Mechanicals can be seen at

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