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Thread: Next update

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    Next update

    Some of mine may be, well, could be said to be similar, Guess everyone likes a certain style
    Afaik the thoughts are to improve over time, get something better.
    Got to admit the 'marine' has always caught my eye, To date not really got 'the one' , when it's here you'll know it one.
    So far Shanghai have called...

    Their older auto had a pretty cool vibe imo


    which led to

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    Third gen.

    which a post elsewhere has said difficult to work on

    Attachment 63972Attachment 63973Attachment 63974

    as a user ace, better than other high beats imo.

    Not blue.
    Apart from Beihai 5 which is Roman not Arabic, and the same case shape, what...

    Beijing do a pocket watch that is the bees knees, pity they don't offer in a wrist machine.... heres hoping....

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    No-one found one either....

    Know I should have got one of these when they cost less, althougth at the time very much more than they should, and not Chinese, still great


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