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Thread: Adventures in case-making.

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    Adventures in case-making.

    So I've decided to try to put some of my knowledge and opinions on watch manufacturing to the test. Starting with a case.

    The intention is to eventually produce all of the major, non-movement, components of a small dress watch. Case, crown, dial, hands, strap, and buckle/clasp. As equipment is aquired, I eventually plan to 'Nomos' a Peseux 7001 (cosmetic upper plate, bridge, cock replacement), in a different style. But that's getting a bit ahead of myself, the CNC is still in the design/prototype phase.

    So the case then. I'll be using outside contractors to lost-wax cast blanks of my design, then finish machine and polish them myself. I did some preliminary design work and sent the CAD files to a casting specialist in New York. They produced the wax, mold, and cast the part. This is something that I will eventually be doing myself as equipment allows.

    The prototype is in classical Tin-based bronze alloy (90% copper, 10% tin), and is to test sizing on the wrist, but more importantly to measure the difference between the cast part and the CAD dimensions due to shrinkage. It also identified a design error of having a separate bezel, which is too small and warped.

    Anyway, here are some designs and pics of the finished casting. More later.


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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    looks very similar to a Russian 2209 case
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    What CAD package are you using for your 3d designs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by morningtundra View Post
    What CAD package are you using for your 3d designs?
    I'm using an old mesh-based animation that can export into .stl .3ds etc... The modern analogue would be something like Blender.

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    Looks cool


    I'd buy it
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    That's very cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    Looks cool


    I'd buy it
    I appreciate the thought but given my rather in-depth insight into the cost and quality so far, I would have to say that, no you probably wouldn't buy it . I am probably 10 prototypes away before I can hit Seiko 5 quality levels, and I'm probably double the price of a Seiko 5 on those 3 parts alone right now, and I haven't even started the machining yet.

    Oh and these pieces are pretty much scrap due to the 3 piece design not working with the thin bezel.

    I can send them to you for free, as is, if you want.

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