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Thread: Adventures in case-making.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhDark30 View Post
    .. or include a few bristles from Hokusai’s brush pen, a corner torn off the Turin shroud, or fill the case with Japanese seawater (the actual Great Wave) a la Sinn

    Come on, you’re not even trying here
    Maybe next time I'm in Japan, I'll pick up some rocks at a beach in Kanagawa...

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    What do you do when you want a proprietary movement? Well, you make one yourself. Sort of.

    I mentioned decoration, and skeletonization is far beyond my ability. So my vision for a proprietary movement will be a 'normal' 7001 main plate that I will apply pearlage to quite thoroughly, then have rhodium plated. Then using the now 'in-house' decorated main plate, have the movement serviced and reassembled (professionally, not by me) with the skeletonized gold parts. So yellow gold plated open-worked over white rhodium plated pearlage. Should look unique.

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