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Thread: WvdwRUW? December 2017

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    WvdwRUW? December 2017

    Another site has a vintage forum and they do a monthly wruw. It's nice to be able to easily look back at the pages of pics for the entire month.
    Figured I'd give it a try here at the Dive Watch forum because that's my main interest and I like IWL better
    So if there's a vintage diver on your wrist let's see some pics of it

    I'm spending Dec 01, 2017 with a vintage Duward Oceanic Aquastar on original bracelet:







    So, What vintage dive watch R U Wearing?
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    Scott A
    instagram @timesofplenty

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    Spending this Sunday with a little Mirexal 200m

    Scott A
    instagram @timesofplenty

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    Spending the day with a 38mm Villereuse no-date Skindiver auto:

    IMG_6967.jpg IMG_6963.jpgIMG_6961.jpg IMG_6960.jpg IMG_6966.jpg IMG_6964.jpg
    Scott A
    instagram @timesofplenty

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    Spending this fine Friday morning with a1967 Bulova:

    IMG_7127.jpg IMG_7124.jpg IMG_7125.jpg IMG_7126.jpg
    Scott A
    instagram @timesofplenty

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