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Thread: The Russian Chat Thread 2018

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    Nov 2014
    My tactic when searching for my Volna (now Daveís :-) was to go for low price, look carefully at movement pics and avoid the ones with pristine dials
    A fabulous watch, and LOUD! (that pocket watch size mainspring)
    It didnít so much tick as *detonate*!
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Igor has been a source of some faves over the years, prices much better than most, selection out=shone most too.

    Guess those days of low(ish) cost are over , still less than many, though doubled or more over the years.... sigh

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    Not sure, but, this looks odd


    case , pushers , dials seem to be many so can't tell on that , doesn't gell somehow

    ah , could be the hands ... not sure on this one

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    I think it is the hand's , could be the minute track?

    Billy super duper

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJW GB View Post
    I think it is the hand's , could be the minute track?

    Billy super duper
    Deffo on the hands

    There have been so many varients over the years on these it's blurred as to what's right, more so now as appears to be anything around gets used

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    whilst a bronze is a classic not too sure what is going in

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