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Thread: 2019 SIHH/Baselworld

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raza View Post
    Negatory on all 3, Ghostrider.
    GS is my favorite brand. In the past few years, most of their new releases are just fugly. Please go back to what you do best GS. I agree with Raza - the 3 above look like mall watches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    Report from the inimitable Jocke -
    Nothing like a good dose of watch porn in the morning -- thanks for sharing!
    I'm sorted and so not buying any more watches.

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    Iíll put this Seiko meme here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by synequano View Post

    Iíll put this Seiko meme here...
    Wrong time
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    I like Seiko divers and currently own an SKX007 which I bought for around 200 bucks. It is all I need in regards to their dive watches, I understand that there's more refined finishes and better movements BUT for the price the quality you get is very hard to beat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybotron View Post
    From what I hear Seiko and GS pricing will get even more expensive down the road.
    As a non-Seiko or GS-guy, I could be persuaded on a GS but if they're gonna push the prices then it requires, at the very least, Rolex or Omega-grade clasps befitting a seriously expensive steel sports watch. I would've thought Seiko would get this and would be willing to look properly, in a true continuous improvement sense, at things like 904L etc. Spring Drive ain't enough if they wanna push higher.

    I get that the total pool of watch purchasers is declining so they need to punch the remaining pool for more money each time, but I'll be surprised if this works without a real boost in quality somewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by synequano View Post
    For Japanese watch,Iíd lean towards gshock more than Seiko
    I have to say I'm having a lot more fun with my toddler-proof gshocks than I ever thought I would.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raza View Post
    Thatís another thing. Just as everyone seems to be catering to a wider market by offering smaller pieces as well, Seiko decides to zag instead of zig.
    Would now be an appropriate time to talk about the handsets and markers? Seiko has some mighty fine stuff in the back catalogue but I can't get excited about many modern Seikos, at all.

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