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Thread: Not a business plan for success...

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    Quote Originally Posted by boatme99 View Post
    But we still don't know what caliber.
    .40 S&W

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    Some years back I ordered about 3 gees worth of ammo. Ten days later UPS arrived with two boxes, each weighing 90-some pounds. The UPS dude like to kill himself lugging them up my front steps. I offered him a twenty as a tip but he wouldn't take it -- I guess they're not allowed. Anyway, he said "what the hell have you got in here, books?!?" "Uh, yeah, books." Wonder what he'd have thought if I'd told him he'd just delivered enough ammo to supply a regiment.
    She said I was the apple of her eye so I told her she was the rutabaga of my duodenum.

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    Back in the late 1980s I managed a small private retail science store. Real science, not like that outfit that was in all the shopping malls.
    I quickly moved it into local school supply outlet.
    One of the Staples was dissection specimens for classes, things like sheep eyes, pig hearts, and lots of other neat parts. Some came individually wrapped, some came in bulk. 5 gal. buckets.
    My store was a second floor walk-up so UPS had a lot of hauling for me. One day the delivery guy asked what the heck was in all the buckets he was carting up the stairs.
    I told him to come and look. I took off the top of one and the smell was enough to gag him but when he saw what was inside, he almost puked.
    He never asked about stuff again.

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