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Thread: **** WRUW - Friday, January 11, 2019 ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    I gave away all of my LPs about twenty years ago - in one fell swoop to a work colleague. I’m guessing that there were around 500. I can’t remember what I did with my turntable, but it’s quite likely that I threw it in a skip.

    My record dealer friend in Kraków winces when I mention some of the albums I used to have...
    I bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by popoki nui View Post
    No, Sunrise Records. I will have to visit Ditch sometime. It's right downtown, and I try to avoid going downtown as much as possible due to the changes the city council had made recently. Not worth the hassle.
    We've got two Sunrise stores here.
    It's been years since I've been out your way, but every time I am I make a pilgrimage to Ditch.
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    I still have all my albums, even though I rarely listen to them. Some are probably pretty valuable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    If my house ever caught fire it would be worse than the Springfield tire fire.

    The pessimist says it can't get any worse while the optimist says it can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    And I still buy physical albums.
    Can't beat vinyl. I'm a fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    I love the watch, but I could never get over the size.
    I’m so glad I pulled the trigger Henry.

    The closeup phone pic exaggerates the apparent size. My rule is no lug overhang and this doesn’t due to the curved pins and short lugs. The lug-to-lug is essentially 2mm more than the case. It’s more comfotable to wear than the Eterna Soleure and dial design lends itself to a big watch too - there is just something so elegant about that long seconds hand scraping around the rehaut. Some of the details are crazy. The batons taper towards their base so their reflections in the lacquer dial make it look like they are floating. The lacquer around the date window looks almost translucent at times.

    In fact, when viewed with a loupe, the finish of the dial furniture and quality of printing rivals that of my Datejust and despite not being COSC it runs damn near as well as the Rolex with less positional variation to boot. (That’s assuming my iPad app can be trusted).

    I’m so glad I didn’t let the size put me off but if 35mm is ever envogue again, this thing will look rediculous.
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    I'd Schwarzkopf it daily, except I couldn't be bothered with the inevitable explanations...

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    TGIF Orca today havent posted in a while hopefully things calm down a little at work and I can contribute more

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    Road tripping today.

    Read my latest IWL blog entry! An Ode To Rule Breaking

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    Went with the (stunning) budget meteorite dial, today.

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    Swap for an evening out with some nieces and nephews.

    P8180290 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr
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