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Thread: Bertucci watches

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    Bertucci watches

    I just can't get over these watches. Really well made, tough, practical, affordable.

    I like this one so muchI just got one off another site. (That sounds weird) lol.

    Anyone else check this brand out?


    I'll post my "new" one when it arrives.

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    Thought I better get a second one... lol20141126_170500.jpg

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    I'm thinking of getting one for a work watch.
    There's a dealer in my town, but he never seems to have a single one in stock.
    I guess I'll have to go online. I really wanted to see a real one before I bought.

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    Oddly enough they are sold in two of my favorite fly fishing stores. Both have a large selection if models and straps. Odd.

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