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Thread: Shinola begins watch dial production in the US

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    Shinola begins watch dial production in the US

    When they make their first (nearly) fully American watch I will buy one, even if it is quartz. I like the direction they are going.

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    Very neat, thanks for sharing. My father has recently taken an interest in Shinola. I have considered buying him one and seeing how he likes gauge whether or not I want one lol.

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    I just saw a brick and mortar storefront for shinola in DC last night.

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    It will be interesting if they can make a niche in a very crowded market.

    US appeal alone for some, should drive strong sales.
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    Being 100% American made is just not one of the characteristics that I require in a watch. But I like the fact that they are thinking outside of the norm.

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    As a screenprinter i have to say that their printing tables and screens are just the cutest little things. A bit primitive, but cute.

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    Actually Shinola is moving into ADs. My local jeweler who I have gotten my Rolex and Tudor from just announced having Shinola in the store.


    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    I like the designs. But, so far at least, I am not loving the price/value ratio.

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    Have to change that friggin name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bwana View Post
    Have to change that friggin name
    I think the problem is they expect(ed) people to understand the name when in reality most living people just see it connected to crap, which obviously the phrase means just the opposite.

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