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Thread: Discontinued VCs

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    Spectacular. What a fortunate owner he is.

    Retiring from Fire/Rescue 6/30/2020 and counting the days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    Hadn't seen this one before. Bit terrifying!

    Must have been in the "everyone needs a variation on the Gerald Genta theme" time period...

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    Why do I suddenly feel I need a chocolate biccie?
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    Must have been in the "everyone needs a variation on the Gerald Genta theme" time period...
    Yes its just the square variation of the 222 which was their late 70s sportsleisurecasual watch.

    (When I see line ups like that I always think that IWC had the looker of that era, and yet they're the company who had strayed furthest from the original design - the modern Ingenieur is nothing like as good that. Anyway, that's another thread)

    The 222 got a very 80s replacement, the 333 which I have to say I'm thoroughly fascinated by

    Then after that, a long time after the 70s, came the Overseas, whose spiky case is I think I read a combination of the 222 and a Maltese Cross

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    Now that one I like better, except for the date. And the gold bracelet (which, to top it off, looks proprietary).

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    The watch in the original post is a redial. The ampersand is the wrong font, and the S is funky.

    It does, however, have one of the finest and prettiest automatics ever made - either the 1499 or 1071, and in the AP world, known as a caliber 2499 or 2071, depending on what year it was made. Same basic movement, one using 4 roller bearings through the rotor. Simply GORGEOUS!


    (picture obviously by Tony C.)

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