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Thread: WRUW II: This Time It's December

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    WRUW II: This Time It's December

    With about a fortnight's worth of posts the thread was 22 pages, so a new one for the new month seemed a good idea?

    This week is for me mostly about my Beijing Zungu. It took me a while to choose this watch but from the moment I had it in my sweaty grateful hands...


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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well a pan homage I think today have a lovely day guys/girlsPICT0026.jpg
    Russian Watches

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    London, I am NOT a cockney, though I live nearer to Bow Bells than most "cockneys" do.
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    Just noticed I'm going to be early for work. Time for a coffee in Pret

    Which watch today Churchy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronopolitano View Post
    Blasted 007 on a Razor...

    DSCN5683.JPG DSCN5682.JPG DSCN5685.JPG
    Please can you walk us through what you've done here? Assume total ignorance please

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    I wore the green Pulsar civie RAF chrono yesterday. I haven't chosen a watch for today. Actually, I should be going to bed for what is now to be, at best, a nap, before "today" actually starts.


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    Eco drive pro diver

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