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Thread: Mudmaster count

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    Congrats, and the blacked out lettering looks great. I've been known to black out lettering on many of my gshocks.

    GWG1000 mudmaster is the most awesome looking gshock released in a long time. I love the overall chunky design.

    Soon to be released is the GG1000 models. Slightly downgraded and cheaper twin sensor model.

    It looks to be a much smaller model also and that appeals to me. To be honest the GWG is bigger than I would be comfortable with so I am watching for more details on the GG1000. No exact sizing info yet but looks smaller in the photos available.
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    ...count me in please

    Regards Phil


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    I have two Mudmasters, the green GWG and the tan GG. I always thought these would more aptly be named the Rangemaster and Mudmaster respectively due to their from factor and feature set. These are some of my most worn G's lately. Despite their large size, they fit ever so comfortably.

    I recently swapped the red sensor cap on mine to the green one from the GWG1000GB

    And the Jr.

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    Here are mine

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    Updated shot

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    Mission accomplished. Group shot will be coming soon

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    Updated group shot ❤️

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