1. The ever fluid Grail Situation

    With the Wife going back to School (to finish her Geology Degree), I've had to become a little more frugal in my dreams.

    So, unless I change my mind in the next week or so, the new Grail -
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    Just talked to Topper Jewelers on the Phone today, and I'm only $130.00 away.

    Beautiful classic Watch that appears to look good on just about every Strap. Soon...
  2. The Restaurant -

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    I'm on the South wall facing north in all the photos, it is a smallish restaurant, besides some booths to the left and right from point of view you can see the entire dining area.

    Stopped in today for some lunch. The 50% discount I get makes it cheaper than most places I could choose. A burger, 2 Ribs, 2 Beers, and a Dessert for the wife (peanut butter pie, if she's ...
  3. ...Tired

    Waiting Tables really sucks Donating Plasma pays more and takes less effort...but both pays even better.

    I really, really, like the Longines Legend Diver...and it's cheaper by quite a bit.


    I'm at ~ 20% saved for the Grail, the Omega SMPc is more a "forever watch" than the Longines.

    -I can do this-
  4. Fingerprints

    Wife and I were in Omaha, NE today. Her Uncle just had a quadruple bypass...but seems as ok as one in that situation is going to get. Prognosis is good.

    While there I seized the opportunity to visit Borsheims.

    I have personally never seen so many Watches in one place. I recall seeing Cartier, Longines, Hamilton, Tissot, Raymond Weil, Citizen, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Omega, Zenith and Jaeger Lecoultre.

    I left my fingerprints on at least 100K worth of ...

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  5. Grail related research:

    "Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your recent email. The Omega you're looking for retails for 4400 and your price is 3520 and I have one in stock. The Avenger I don't have and it would have to ordered. That watch retails for 4325.00 and your price is 3460.00. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you again for the chance to do business with you."

    It appears price will not be much help in assisting my decision. A $60.00 difference is hardly significant,
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