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  1. Broker's Avatar
    I'm in love with those hands.
  2. Dan R's Avatar
    Very nice! Now-a-days, my raise money goes to fountain pens. Glad to see other people doing a similar thing.
  3. Spooky's Avatar
    Heh, the LLD is indeed a great watch. Got to handle one a couple weeks ago, and loved it. Unfortunately the Omega still made a bigger impression.

    Also, the Wife says no to Credit...

    Oh well...
  4. geoffbot's Avatar
    Saving is too hard. Get credit like me - then it's like mandatory saving post purchase. Lld is a great watch.
  5. Spooky's Avatar
    Apologies...I didn't get any pictures

    Between nearly jogging case to case and the literal platoon of armed guards I kind of forgot...
  6. Spooky's Avatar
    I should add that the Wife's vote is the Omega**
  7. Spooky's Avatar
    On days that I'm annoyed at waiting tables I think about buying the Ball, or maybe a Breitling Colt (automatic). But I could see being mad at myself for that someday.

    Most days I lean towards the Avenger. I have an 8.5 inch wrist, and a 53mm Rangeman sits quite comfortably. I believe the 45mm Avenger would look right at home. As far as flash goes, I do prefer matte to polished (not enough to go for a Tudor Pelagos though), but I just love the look of the Avenger...and the Omega
    Updated Dec 16, 2016 at 12:52 PM by Spooky
  8. OTGabe's Avatar
    Tough one. I like the Ball but their watches have never really tempted me. The Omega is commonplace, but still a classic diver. The Breitling is so good looking but I've found that they're just a bit more flash than my style can handle. Full disclosure - my Omega PO is my lifetime keeper, so no surprise I'd lean Seamaster if it were me.
  9. Broker's Avatar
    No, no snapchats for me. Never.
  10. Teeritz's Avatar
    'Tis true that every man and his dog (myself included) has a blog these days, but I'll never do Snapchat, Instagram (again), and I see no point in being on Facebook.
    Hell, I still use typewriters and 35mm film.
  11. is that my watch's Avatar
    lol classic
  12. Bwana's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spooky
    Woonsocket South Dakota. First deer I ever shot. Extremely lucky shot too. I think I was 14 or 15, can't remember.
    "Better lucky than good" they say

    Haven't hunted the Dakota's yet, I hit 4 states a year...planning on Nebraska soon. Love bowhunting the critters, my time of peace in the woods.

    Hope your hatrack is mended, if not time for a new one
  13. Spooky's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bwana
    Cats, they do the darndest things Pretty nice buck too, what state may I ask ?
    Woonsocket South Dakota. First deer I ever shot. Extremely lucky shot too. I think I was 14 or 15, can't remember.
  14. Bwana's Avatar
    Cats, they do the darndest things Pretty nice buck too, what state may I ask ?
  15. Dan R's Avatar
    Gotta love those pets. I have one cat that will steal things and then play with them all over the house. Another will sit on a desk and casually knock things off just to hear them go bang on the floor. So far, no one has taken a flying leap to break something like Lilith did.

  16. OTGabe's Avatar
    Nicely done!
  17. Dan R's Avatar
    If I had a server to post my cat pics on, I'd give you a run for your money.

  18. Dan R's Avatar
    Well, I wish you best of luck. My grail ended up being a current Omega Planet Ocean. Not sure why, but I always loved the orange bezel.

    Nice thing about 'grails', they can work on a personal level.

    Good luck!

  19. is that my watch's Avatar
    well you are not the only one I took a look the first day at mine then ant been near it since so your doing well keep up the good work you might encourage other's to take up the blog
  20. Jeannie's Avatar
    Cat pictures are always a good place to start.

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