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  1. mechanical pencils

    I have never been interested in pens.
    In my line of work, a pen really is a tool and when I say tool, I mean the kind that gets thrown into a box of screw-drivers and whatnot or left to rattle about in a bag with two large tape measures and a torch.

    To that end, I only really use two (types) of pen.
    i) a simple Bic Biro for when I am on site
    ii) a Gel pen for when I am in the office making notes

    The reasons for those two are simple: the first is because ...
  2. Scratching an itch

    There are far too many watches that I like so my buying decisions had been boiled down to a simple set of "rules" as it were:
    minimise repetitions of brand, style, type and type.

    That is an easy thing to follow if one were so disciplined but of course, that is not always the way.

    I can't pin down when it was set down in that fashion but it was likely to have been after I bought the Carrera but before I had bought the Planet Ocean. I recall that I was mulling ...
  3. Rainy afternoon: the sequel

    Once upon a time, during rainy lunch at work,I got bored.

    There is no substitute for trying something on your wrist to get a proper feel of how it fits but what to do when you are far too lazy to get to a watch shop and really can't be arsed to deal with UK High Street sales staff?


    you make this

    I was never ...

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