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  1. BlackNomad's Avatar
    Interesting twist
  2. mlcor's Avatar
    Very nice story, and I'll bet there are true stories similar to it out there. I have my father's old gold Hamilton, which I did have serviced a year or two ago (maybe for the first time in its 50 year life), but don't wear because I had to have one of the lugs repaired and I worry about its fragility. Nevertheless, it will pass on to my son, and hopefully on to his someday...
  3. Der Amf's Avatar
    Did they make Railroad grade?
  4. Der Amf's Avatar
    How much would this lovely watch, now returned to life, cost me, if I wanted to wrench it from the bosom of its ancestral home?
  5. Dan R's Avatar
    If only those old watches could talk. I have a Sears PW in a hunters case. If memory serves me correctly, it was made before the turn of the century (forget which watch maker it came from). Man, the stories it could tell...

  6. Dan R's Avatar
    I have several Elgin PWs in my collection, few of them, if any, hi-grade. Still, when it comes to PWs, they make getting into that genre quite affordable while giving a good eye appeal.

    It was a great watch maker!

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