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  1. Strange's Avatar
    It's a subtle charmer, no doubt about it. I happen to be wearing it as I type. I might have to look into the Stowa Milanaise mesh bracelet. I suspect that would give it a cooler look, as opposed to the warmth of the leather band. Incidentally, the quality of the leather on the band is outstanding, it has the most exquisite texture. And the deployant buckle is nicely understated as well.

    Forgot to mention, the dial on the Kleine Schauer is .925 silver, which gives it a very clean look.
    Updated Feb 2, 2017 at 06:50 AM by Strange
  2. tribe125's Avatar
    I'd be very happy to wear that. I might be tempted to try it on Stowa's modestly-priced Milanaise bracelet.
  3. Strange's Avatar
    Yet another person notices the U1. The other night I was enjoying my double-thick cut porkchop done to perfection with sautéed spinach and a virgin mary at the bar of a local resto. Sitting immediately to my left was surgical assistant having dinner with a medical equipment sales rep. Unnoticed by me the surgical assistant had been eyeballing my Sinn for a time, and finally asked what it was. I told him and when he indicated he'd never heard of the marque I gave him a very brief intro to the company. Turns out he's an Omega fan, and was wearing what appeared to my untrained eye to be a sixties-era specimen.

    I continue to be pleasantly surprised on those rare occasions when others not only notice but also comment on my watch selection of the day.
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