1. Sony Smartband Talk - 1 month in

    I thought I'd add a one month update on my experience with the Smartband Talk, following up on my initial review here: http://www.intlwatchleague.com/entry...Smartband-Talk

    The good:
    • My main requirement was for something I could wear on my right wrist while I have a watch on my left. I've worn the Smartband Talk in that manner everyday for a month now without feeling like a knob or getting any adverse comments.
    • It's really light and comfortable. I've switched
  2. Review: Sony Smartband Talk


    As a phone addicted, socially networked, always connected modern kind of a guy, I love the idea of smartwatches. There's just one problem with them, they're watches....
    What that means for me is that, if I'm wearing a smartwatch I'm not wearing my Seiko Alpinist or my Rolex Explorer or any one of a dozen other timepieces that might be calling for my attention that day. I had a Pebble watch for a while (widely recognised as the first smartwatch that really got it right) ...
  3. App review: WatchCheck

    I'm a bit obsessed with accuracy in my watches, not necessarily in them being very accurate (I appreciate it when they are, but wouldn't necessarily pay for them to be regulated), but in knowing how accurate they are. I used to use a very basic method of checking and recording accuracy - timing them against my solar atomic G-Shock at the same time each day and then making a note of the deviation in Evernote or Google Keep.
    A couple of days ago I thought I'd re-explore the options on the Google ...
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