Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

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  1. MWC 100 - 1970s British Naval Diver

    by , Feb 4, 2018 at 01:01 AM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    In the years after the conclusion of World War II the Royal Navy went through a series of changes and the number of active vessels was reduced.
    in spite of the fresh memory of global conflict, regular conflicts between opposing ideologies were always proving world peace was difficult, if not impossible to achieve. The commitment of the United Kingdom to both NATO and United Nations roles meant ...
  2. MWC 71 - 1960s Canadian Airman

    by , Nov 17, 2016 at 07:37 PM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    The Canadian Military underwent a major tactical reorganisation in the mid-1960s to improve efficiency and flexibility while reducing underlying costs due to the threat from an increasingly hostile Soviet Union.
    Between 1961 and 1984 The Canadian Air defence command was equipped with Macdonnell CF-101 Voodoo all-weather interceptors, manufactured in the United States and armed with nuclear-tipped ...
  3. MWC 58 - British Pilot 1950s

    by , May 24, 2016 at 06:30 PM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    Four years after leading the Military coup in Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser officially became President of Egypt, within 2 months he declared that the Suez Canal Company would be Nationalised in order to pay for the building of the much needed Aswan Dam project. Prior to the Coup loans had been agreed with the UK and USA to pay for the Dam, but Nasser had been heavily supported by the Soviet Union, so the ...
  4. MWC 51 - British Pilot 1940s

    by , Feb 27, 2016 at 12:13 AM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    The Battle of Britain was clearly a defining moment in World War II, Germany's Blitzkrieg tactics had been highly successful and the seaborne invasion of Britain, operation Sea Lion was ready to come into action. It was imperative for Germany that the RAF was neutralised and this, along with decimating Aircraft production capacity, was the aim of Herman Georing, As head of the Luftwaffe he brought everything ...
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  5. Issue 33 - 1940s British RAF Navigator

    by , Apr 28, 2015 at 11:24 PM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    The increased operational speeds of aircraft during World War II meant that even slight variations in timing could cause large navigational errors.
    in 1940 the British Air Ministry received an order of Omega wristwatches, specifically designed for use by pilots and navigators, the watches features a 'Weems' rotating/locking bezel.
    This type of bezel was designed by Phillip Weems, an American ...
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