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  1. MWC 78 - 1910s British Army

    by , Feb 12, 2017 at 01:07 PM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    Wristwatches were not unheard of at the start of World War 1, certainly, in 1880 a swiss manufacturer supplied a number of specially modified watches to the German Imperial Navy, and during the Second Boer War, at the turn of the century, British officers had been issued with 'wristlet' watches. However, they were still seen as feminine items and were rarely worn by men.
    The increased importance ...

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  2. MWC 67 - American Soldier 1920s

    by , Aug 30, 2016 at 11:52 PM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    President Woodrow Wilson tried to keep The United States out of World War 1. He understood that the Army stood at just under 100.000 men in the ranks, a small number compared to the British and French forces, that they were not trained in trench warfare and were poorly equipped. In 1915 there had been a serious attempt to actually cut military funding, even the loss of 128 American citizens when a German ...
  3. Special Edition 5 - Gallipoli Campaign, Australian Army Officer 1910s

    by , Jul 14, 2015 at 10:55 AM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)
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    “When the empire is at war, so also is Australia”
    Prime minister Joseph Cook spoke for many fellow Australians and thousands joined the volunteer Australian Imperial Force and fought in Europe and the Middle East. They were joined by troops from New Zealand and were formed into the Australia and New Zealand Army Corp, the ANZAC.
    On 25th April 1915 16,000 ANZAC troops were landed on the shore of the Gallipoli peninsular in Turkey in support of an allied ...

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