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  1. Mindless Entertainment (replacing an appliance)

    After 11 years of faithful service,our LG front loader washer burned out its motor. Like anyone else,spending the money on a replacement as well as having to picksomething you can work with can he a real PITA. We settled on twomust haves: top loading and high efficiency. The first because Ihave to admit that I am getting old. Bending over is less fun. Thesecond because itís just to use less water, even though we getcharged more for using less. Go figure.

    Therepairman who ...
  2. PODs

    Note: Pertains to the United States only.

    Know what a POD is? First I heard of it, I thought of the cheesy horror flick.

    But on closer examination, it is the acronym for points of dispensing.

    Dispensing what?

    The CDC has put in place a Public Health Emergency Preparedness cooperative agreement with state and local governments so that in the event of a public emergency, a mechanism is in place so that medication from the Strategic National ...
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  3. Atlanta Pen Show

    I've been to it several times. Click here for info.

    Not having been to the more "robust" shows in Raleigh or other nearby locations, this one always seemed to be rather smallish to me.

    That said, there are always several nibmeisters there. I know Pendleton Brown personally and he does good work. Other well known craftsman will be there, but the website does a poor job of telling you who will be there.

    That said, it is only eight bucks and ...
  4. Of fountain pens and inks.

    Recently lucked into a few dollars and decided to treat myself to a Delta Dolce Vita. It is the piston type and made of orange resin. I've never had a "phat" pen decided this was to be the one. Got it from Mottishaw who tweaked it to my preferences. But no grinding!

    When I got it, I inked it up with Swisher's Intense Purple. I've had the color for a couple of years, but keep forgetting to use it. I took it on a couple of work assignments and was disappointed on how wet ...
  5. Spending money on fountain pens

    I guess I can say fountain pens as this is my blog. I don't consider spending any money on roller balls or ball points.

    That said, what would be your upper limit on a fountain pen?

    I have a Platinum Limited Edition where the d
    ark urushi lacquer was applied on the outer surface as opposed to the inner surface. Looks really cool, but expensive.

    Normally, I would say no more than 300USD, but I could go to 1,000 USD if the pen and nib were good enough.
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