Dan R

  1. Of writing and things

    The nature of my work requires me to write a lot. Itís not uncommon that after I talk with a client that I have three to six pages full of notes.

    As a result, I am demanding of my writing utensils. Early on, I did not like ballpoints. There was always that flat spot on the ball and the ink blebbing. Rollerball was next up on the list. To some degree they were better. The flat spot on the ball could be less noticeable and the ink could be better depending on what you got. ...
  2. Favorite War Movies

    Without politicizing or promoting it, what are your three favorite war movies? Now, I am a little bit older than the norm, so realism such as what you get from Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers does not always rule the day. But here are mine:

    #3 -- Guns of Navarone (1961) -- It's just a fine yarn. Whether you believe it or not, it is a well woven tapestry of these individuals trying to accomplish one thing. Kind of a much better version of Tobruk (1967).

    #2 -- ...
  3. Capitalism Sucks

    Over the years, my wife and I have come to patronize a local jewelry store. A nice place with nice people. Their willingness to carry a variety of artisans and watch makers have made me and my wife happy, and them none to worse for the wear.

    I was given quite a few kudos as I was the first customer to buy a JLC when they started carrying the line. That watch was the older version of the Master Moon. Later, I added a Reverso Duo. Over the years I added an Oris pointer date big crown ...
  4. Of eating, as in small fishy things

    Canned goods can harbor some of the best snacks, especially when considering fishy things. I remember warmly my Father opening up cans of sardine fillets in oil or tomato sauce. My Mother enjoyed the octopus in ink.

    I broke with tradition mainly because I like to eat more of a main meal and less of snack. Over the recent years though, I've gone back to fish in tins, but mostly anchovies. The reason for that is twofold. First, if I make a homemade pizza, it will have some anchovy ...
  5. Of drinking, and then perhaps of eating

    Sometimes when we talk a lot about drinking, I think people tend to think us of alcoholics. Well, that may be the case, but in my case, I do enjoy the taste of certain alcohols.

    To give you an example, a while back a friend of mine introduced to gin martinis. Well, I was not a big fan of gin back then, but what he made started to taste wonderful to the palate!

    In order to perfect this, I started playing around with the two basic ingredients, gin and dry vermouth. After ...
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