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  1. mlcor's Avatar
    I've never gone above $200-250, but I'm very interested in a Nakaya urushi model, which would be $550. That's probably my limit. I only have about 5 or 6 pens, and can't see expanding much (as opposed to watches), because I simply don't write enough to justify it.
  2. Teeritz's Avatar
    I purchased a Pelikan M800 off eBay for $435AUD. The stores in my neck of the woods charged around $900. Paid about the same for a Visconti Wall St.
    Regarding my upper limit, I suppose it would be around $1000 for a Mont Blanc 149. But I've manged to hold off until now. While I consider Mont Blanc to be the Levi's/RayBan of the fountain pen world, I've always had a soft spot for the 149.
    I love the re-edition Mandarin Yellow Parker Duofold, but the retail price is positively obscene.
    With a dozen fountain pens, these days, I'm happy to go as high as $350-$450, but I'd have a hard time justifying any more than that.
  3. Dan R's Avatar
    @T: I feel for you on your Parker. We have so many choices here. As well, I know of at least one local that will do it as some folks like to specialize in one brand or another. I currently have my Vac (from 1942 I think) filled with orange PW Akkerman. Hard ink to get a hold of here unless you go in as a group and buy many bottles!

    @micor: I did sell my metal Falcon (fine only) as I was having issues getting it to feed properly. Maybe the inks I was using? I ended uup using the proceeds to buy a Paltinum with a real music nib. Now that is sweet. FWIW, I use a good deal of Kon-Peki myself!
  4. mlcor's Avatar
    I started using fountain pens about a year ago. I like them because I don't need to put pressure on the page, and use them all the time now even though I'm left handed. I have a very small collection, a Lamy Al-Star (my first), an Edison Herald, a Namiki Metal Falcon (extra fine, used with red ink as my mark-up pen), an Aurora (given to me by my daughter and engraved by her, will never leave my house), and my newest, a Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night that my wife gave me for Christmas (with a hint from me ), that is beautiful. I mainly use Iroshizuku ink (Kon-Peki blue is a favorite).
  5. Teeritz's Avatar
    Great post! I prefer to write some things by hand, in an effort to maintain my handwriting, and therefore have accumulated a dozen fountain pens over the years. Five or six of them are Pelikan. I love the look and writing feel of these. It took me some time, however, to realise that a fine or medium nib suits my handwriting best. My M800 with Broad Bold nib is therefore rarely used.
    I also have a few vintage, the circa 1945 Parker Vacumatic being my favourite, but the last time I tried to fill it, the ink would not draw into the reservoir, so it looks like this will need attending to. Problem is, the only decent pen repairer in Australia retired a couple of years ago, so it looks like this pen will have to go to John Mottishaw, Richard Binder or Greg Minuskin at some point.
    Aside from this Vacumatic, I have a mid-Fifties Mentmore 'Diploma' with a semi-broad nib which is a joy to use even though it throws down a lot of ink.
    Ink-wise, I tend to go for Noodlers, but they don't import it into Australia anymore. The Eel Green is fantastic. Aside from that, Waterman inks are nice. Their Havana Brown is great.
  6. Dan R's Avatar
    Forgot about the man who would be king. Excellent movie for its time. Thanks for the memory!

  7. Chicolabronse's Avatar
    3 - the man who would be king

    2 - black hawk down

    1 - saving private ryan
  8. Dan R's Avatar
    @drunken monkey -- I do like your posting of Zulu as it is not all about the Germanzzzz. Naturally, my Kubrick film is Dr. Strangelove. If you lived in the midst of a Cuban community in 1963, the film had great relevance when it did come out.

    Saving Private Ryan is, for its time, a revolutionary piece. And rightly so. I would, however, argue that there were some episodes of Combat! that held deeper meanings. The effects for SPR were without equal IMO.

    Gettysburg becomes much cooler if you've been there. Like having walked Custer's Last Stand, you cannot imagine half of it if you've not walked it. Things were, literally, a stone's throw...

    Updated Dec 24, 2014 at 02:22 AM by Dan R
  9. drunken monkey's Avatar
    in no particular order:

    i) not necessarily a war film but set during a war - A Matter Of Life and Death

    ii) fan of Kubrick and this one is an easy introduction that I can just about make other people watch so it's more a Kubrick thing than a war film thing - Full Metal Jacket

    iii) because there's more to a war than fighting - Schindler's List

    I started along that road but a different three - war films that I would try and make people watch, even if they might not necessarily be my favourites:

    i) Saving Private Ryan - Just because a film is about people shooting/killing each other, it doesn't mean there isn't also a story behind it

    ii) Zulu - Because war movies aren't all about guys in military greens and against zee Germanzzzz

    iii) I think Schindler's List has to go on here as well.
    Updated Dec 26, 2014 at 11:45 PM by drunken monkey (typo)
  10. hayday's Avatar
    The Dirty Dozen
    A Bridge Too Far
    Inglorious Basterds

    Honorable mention to:
    Last of the Mohicans
    Star Wars

  11. Broker's Avatar
    Lone Survivor
    Black Hawk Down
    Saving Private Ryan

    I'm more interested in the spec ops type stuff than historical. I'll be going to see "American Sniper" also after Christmas. I've read the book thrice.
  12. OTGabe's Avatar
    3. Gettysburg - A bit long but I'm a big Civil War buff and this is one of the best movies about that war.

    2. Apocalypse Now - My father was a Vietnam War vet and I've watched everything I could find about it. This movie is far from a documentary, but it does a great job of capturing the surreal and discordant nature of that conflict.

    1. Saving Private Ryan - The intensity of the first half hour was one of the most compelling pieces of cinema I've ever seen.
  13. OTGabe's Avatar
    If JLC and Panerai weren't selling, it sounds like you have too many proletariat and not enough bourgeoisie in your area!
  14. Dan R's Avatar
    Let me know what you think. I got the generic brand from BJs and they actually weren't that bad. But I am ready to order them if you like them!
  15. OTGabe's Avatar
    I ordered a tin of these and it will last me a very long time. Great bargain if you don't mind some prep work (deboning and rinsing off the salt).
  16. Dan R's Avatar
    Thanks! I will look into it!

  17. I-B's Avatar
    Imperial have some decent canned anchovies, altough i'm not sure if they are available where live? They have the filets and the rolled ones with capers inside....

    (here you can see them )
  18. Dan R's Avatar
    Ouch! And I thought Atlanta prices were high! But the write-up is interesting. I would ask for one at half the price just to say I have tried it!
  19. geoffbot's Avatar
    I like my martinis with a lemon twist, with the edges cut clean, not jagged from the peeler. I had a great one at the Connaught Hotel in London earlier in the year It had a dash of grapefruit bitters in, much to the purists' dismay, but was excellent. You'd hope so for 20...
  20. Teeritz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan R

    Thank you for the blog link Tee, it was very good! I started all good things late in life. Did not try sushi until I was near 40. Did not try martinis until I was near 50. But I have been cookng since before 20 and see the martini as a meal. The sum of the parts make it great.
    It probably was wise not to go near Martinis until you got to fifty. The one that I prepared for my blog wiped me out for the rest of the night. It was, after all, three shots of gin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan R
    And, FWIW, you cannot call anything in a martini glass a martini unless it has gin. Maybe vodka is an exception. But nothing else!

    I will look for the Cocchi Americano, but am quite sure I have not seen it in Atlanta yet.


    I concede to the Vodka Martini only because it was Bond's staple in the movies. But yes, I prefer gin only.
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