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  1. jsw41's Avatar
    All three are stellar posts; it makes us feel like insiders now.

  2. Jeannie's Avatar
    Loved all three! Thanks, T.

  3. mlcor's Avatar
    Thanks, gives a good perspective from someone who can see the good and bad in the job.
  4. bacari's Avatar
    Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed each blog post.
  5. OTGabe's Avatar
    Thanks so much for sharing these great posts.

    I wish I could give you rep for blog entries, but I'll hit you somewhere else on the site.
  6. Broker's Avatar
    I gotta say I've thoroughly enjoyed reading every time you make one of these and I'm a little sad that the story has ended. Bravo!
  7. Teeritz's Avatar
    @ M. Montaigne, one of my fellow staff-members once sent a quartz Navitimer in to have the battery changed. Breitling DOESN'T MAKE a quartz Navitimer. Their service department sent it back to us (unrepaired, natch) with a note rapping us over the knuckles for not knowing this. I knew it, but nobody checked with me before sending it off.

    @ bacari, when the Sales Trainer walked in and started his seminar by saying; "Why anybody would pay more than two or three hundred dollars for a watch is beyond me", I knew I was in for a hard time.

    Thanks for the comments, all.
  8. jsw41's Avatar
    These blog posts are great. You have a way with words.

  9. OTGabe's Avatar
    Great stuff, Teeritz! I really enjoyed both of these.
  10. bacari's Avatar
    Another great blog post! Very entertaining. As someone who has been conducting sales trainings for years, I'm sorry to hear of your experiences. Smile.
  11. M. Montaigne's Avatar
    More! I'd imagine that taking the watch to Breitling would mean that they confiscate the watch as a fake and potentially destroy it.
  12. Teeritz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Broker
    Yeah, I'll be checking back in on this one. I go into my watch shops dressed like a bum.
    The bum is usually the guy in a T-shirt and faded jeans who tries on a bunch of watches, asks a lot of questions, and then winds up pulling out a credit card and buying a five thousand dollar watch. I used to tell my colleagues that all customers should be treated equally because you just never knew if the twenty year-old kid wasn't gonna come back with his parents the following week so that they could buy him an IWC or Jaeger-Le Coultre for his 21st birthday.
    Of course, nobody ever listened to me because I was the old guy and they were all too-cool-for-school.
    But I had the most repeat customers.

    EDIT: Where are my manners! Thanks for the comments, folks.
    Updated Nov 18, 2014 at 10:48 AM by Teeritz
  13. bacari's Avatar
    Too too funny! Great blog! Please keep 'em coming!
  14. Jeannie's Avatar
    Looking forward to part II!

  15. Broker's Avatar
    Yeah, I'll be checking back in on this one. I go into my watch shops dressed like a bum.
  16. jsw41's Avatar
    This is a great blog; thanks for sharing your experience.

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