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  1. Broker's Avatar
    I wasn't an instagram guy but man do they have some really nice pics there.
  2. Dan R's Avatar
    Nice post. For me it is somewhat different. I used to take photos all the time and post them. So much so that I am burned out on it. Always looking for the perfect lighting/angle.

    But I do appreciate a good pic!

  3. Imitation of Life's Avatar
    Enjoyed your piece, Bacari. You're absolutely right that IG is incredible for watch enthusiasts. I love it so much that it has taken me away from watch forums!
  4. is that my watch's Avatar
    yep say's it all really

    thanks ismy
  5. Hayseed Brown's Avatar
    I enjoyed this article. You may not do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, but you superseded all of those activities in contemporariness, because you are now a BLOGGER. Well done though.
  6. Martin's Avatar
    I was at a fair recently, where I saw this nice Oysterdate. It was attached to a woman's wrist, I think she was beautiful. I couldn't tell you the color of her hair, but I'm pretty sure it was a 6694.
  7. jsw41's Avatar
    Thanks for this, Bacari, my sentiments exactly. There are few places in the Ottawa Valley to indulge in this hobby. The internet and Google are where I can see some fabulous watches, and IWL is a great place to here about them from folks like yourself.

  8. M. Montaigne's Avatar
  9. Dan R's Avatar
    Well, I don't know about you all, but I still have my WIS pin given by Richard Paige. Hm. I guess that kind of dates me.

  10. jsw41's Avatar
    Great Post Bacari; my thoughts, but said much more eloquently. For me, it's the beating heart of the hairspring.

  11. Spooky's Avatar
    Never heard of the scotch tape trick. Definitely going to do that now.
  12. pacomt's Avatar
    Great blog entry Bacari,

    I share the same feelings you do. I don't facebook, tweet and even though I have been getting pressure to be on LinkedIn I have resisted. I have found the watch forums to be a great experience!
  13. drickster's Avatar
    My wife calls you guys "the boys" and chuckles ruefully when we are talking....

    I started GTGs because I knew no one who was interested in watches. Now I count you guys among my best friends. Thank you!
  14. bacari's Avatar
    Agreed Josh. We are definitely friends and you are lucky you didn't join us on this trip. Troy has very expensive eating habits and I went broke just allowing him to pick the restaurants for one day! So, I'll see you the next time around but someone else gets to pick the eats!
  15. josh's Avatar
    Great post Bacari.
    I straddle both sides of the fence. I've got my face buried into my phone (usually reading watch forums or looking at watches on Instagram), but I've got my eye on the wrists around me.

    It's great to have regular conversation, consider you and some of the others you mentioned as my friends (instead of a "watch friend"), and learn about some of the idiosyncrasies that go beyond watch collecting.

    I'm still sorry I couldn't make IBG with you guys this year. Hopefully next year.
  16. bacari's Avatar
    No, I think that actually makes us geniuses! LOL
  17. drickster's Avatar
    I thought you were going to make the point that we are idiots for preferring outdated technology. Why we love mechanical things over the digital. Nice post!
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