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  1. Special edition 3 1990s USA NASA Astronaut.

    by , Jan 5, 2015 at 08:43 AM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    All American Apollo astronauts were issued with Omega Speedmaster Professionals.
    They were worn by Edward H. White on the first spacewalk and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. The regular strap was changed to a long Velcro strap so it could be worn over the Space Suits.
    'Flown' Speedmasters have real historic interest and many are on display, however Buzz Aldrin's "Moon" watch was lost ...

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  2. Issue 19 - 1970s US Navy Diver

    by , Dec 30, 2014 at 09:48 AM (Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.)

    Issue 19 is based on the Benrus type1, standard issue for US Navy SEAL teams during the Vietnam war.
    Simple and reliable with Swiss ETA Movements they are virtually impossible to find on the collectors market, good quality replicas command four figure price tags.
    They were found to be expensive to produce and went out of use in favour of off the shelf alternatives.

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