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Issue 46 - 1930s Japanese Army

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The Seikosha company opened for business in 1881 and by 1938 it was producing a million watches a year. The company supplied the army in both an official capacity and also as the watch of choice for the japanese man on the street and by association the japanese soldier.
The Seiko Nation watch was small, but this reflected Japans lack of natural resources within its borders, this relative lack of material resource was one of the factors in Japans interest in the northern provinces of China. That interest eventually led to the second Sino-Japanese war which lasted from 1937 until the end of WWII in 1945

Sandblast Cushion style case 25.3mm across, 27.4mm with crown, 7.5mm thick, 34mm lug to lug.
Interior aperture 22.7mm across, 5.5mm deep. 4mm Crown 23mm flat glass​.
Case engraved with watch description.
White coloured 22.4mm dial, railtrack seconds scale in black.
Hours indicated by black Arabic Numbers with additional red 24 hour marks in smaller font.
​Gloss black breguet style hours and minutes hands, black seconds hand​.
Tan PU leather 16mm wide, ​narrows to 14mm polished buckle. approx. fitting 1​65-2​05​mm

The smallest watch to date by some margin, the next smallest is also a Japanese army watch the issue 22, the small size is in part due to limitations on material availability.
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