Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 47 - 1980s British RAF Pilot

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The Royal Air Force procured chronographs from various manufacturers during the 1980s including Hamilton, CWC and Precista.
For one year only, 1980, they also used the Newmark Military Chronograph, due to the relatively short run these watches are particularly scarce.
They followed the standard pattern required by the RAF with a large asymmetric case with twin pushers a recessed crown and swiss movement they are also well regarded by collectors

Polished asymetric case 38mm across, 41.2mm with crown, 9.4mm thick, 45mm lug to lug.
Interior aperture 34mm across, 7mm deep. 6mm Crown 34mm flat glass​
Case engraved with watch description.
Black 34mm dial, White printed seconds scale at the outer edge.
Hours indicated by green Arabic Numbers at 3,6,9,12 other hours with white numbers and green dots.
​Chome batton style hours and minutes hands with white infill, chrome seconds hand​.
20 mm NATO style strap in grey nylon, 3 polished keeper rings and buckle, fitting 1​65-2​05​mm

When is a chronograph not a chrononograph? I think I've mentioned this once or twice, this watch does stand a second look as it is though.
Two points on the case, the asymmetry is underdone as you will see below, fully recessing the crown would have looked OK I think. Also there are a segments cut out between the lugs to give better clearance for the strap, having mentioned that I have to complain that the NATO strap is very short, by about 50mm.
This picture shows how these watches were produced to a very specific pattern. Only subtle differences can be seen.

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