Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 48 - 1950s Russian Naval Diver

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The Soviet Union began to use combat frogmen during World War 2, from August 1941 early units operated from a base near Leningrad on Deckabristov Island. These units were disbanded at the end of the war and it was not until 1953 that a new naval combat diving unit was formed.
The soviets were used to repurposing captured German equipment and it is likely that they also put captured Diving materials to good use. Later, when spare parts became scarce, they built their own modified versions of the German equipment.
The Zlatoust watches issued to the Russian dive Unit were similar to ones issued to German and Italian dive teams, but with more ‘brute force’ approach, rather than technical excellence, employed to overcome the harsh diving environment.

Brushed 47.8mm case, 50.7 with crown, 11.9mm deep, 57mm lug to lug, 24mm lug width.
ridged detail around outer edge of case. Case engraved with watch description, 38.5mm flat glass.
39mm Black dial, Hours indicated with simple tan markers and arabic numerals at the even numbers 12 inclusive.
Black painted, cathedral style hours and minutes hands with tan fill, Seconds hand is slim and painted tan.
No lume visible on dial or hands
Black Nylon, 24mm wide, polished buckle. approx fitting 180-225mm

Detail of hands. The needle taper design and colour of the hands makes them appear shorter than they are, on such a large faced watch they look even smaller.


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