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MWC 51 - British Pilot 1940s

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The Battle of Britain was clearly a defining moment in World War II, Germany's Blitzkrieg tactics had been highly successful and the seaborne invasion of Britain, operation Sea Lion was ready to come into action. It was imperative for Germany that the RAF was neutralised and this, along with decimating Aircraft production capacity, was the aim of Herman Georing, As head of the Luftwaffe he brought everything in his command to bear against the British Air defences.

The Supermarine Spitfire and the Hawker Hurricane were able to hold their own in dog fights, despite being clearly outmatched in both speed and firepower by the German ME 109 and ME 110, which had more power and heavier calibre weapons.

Working the factories flat out the RAF were able to produce enough Aircraft, but soon found themselves with insufficient plots to fly the non stop sorties, nor groundcrew to maintain the aircraft at combat readiness at all times.

The British crews were joined by pilots and personnel from the Commonwealth, and also Czechoslovakia, Poland, France and the Netherlands. Assisted by volunteers and on occasion flying alongside squadrons of the Fleet Air arm, additionally equipment levels were improved which aided in survivability in the event an aircraft was lost.
’The Few' held their defence strong.

One of the general watch types supplied to the RAF and FAA was supplied in large numbers by Omega, the 16 jewel movement was initially produced with a nickel case but after 1940 the cases were made of a softer 'economy' alloy.

Polished 33.8mm case, 36.1mm with the crown, 8.3mm deep.
40.3mm lug to lug. 16mm wide
Interior aperture 29.5mm across, 5.5mm deep. 5mm Crown 29mm flat glass
Case engraved with watch description. UK RN Fleet Air Arm and RAF Pilot
29.5mm White dial.
Black printed ‘Railtrack’ minutes scale
Hours indicated with Black Arabic numerals from 1 through 12 inclusive.
Gunmetal blue-black Spade style hours and minutes hands and slim seconds hand with lozenge poise end.
Beige nylon strap, 16mm wide, polished buckle. approx. fitting 175-215mm

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