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MWC 58 - British Pilot 1950s

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Four years after leading the Military coup in Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser officially became President of Egypt, within 2 months he declared that the Suez Canal Company would be Nationalised in order to pay for the building of the much needed Aswan Dam project. Prior to the Coup loans had been agreed with the UK and USA to pay for the Dam, but Nasser had been heavily supported by the Soviet Union, so the loans were withdrawn. The Declaration caused great concern, many believed that Egypt's control of the canal could block oil and other vital goods, and effectively hold Western Europe to ransom. British stakeholders were also in a panic over huge losses on their investments. And so started the Suez Crisis.
Israel attacked Egypt on 29th September and quickly took control of the Sinai Peninsular. British and French Troops, who had been in the area with a stated role of keeping the peace, showed their true intent, and in a move that had been secretly agreed in advance, invaded the Suez canal area. Led by elite Paratroop forces, British and French troops were supported by large numbers of British aircraft and ships quickly gained control of the canal facilities, but the Egyptians managed to sink some 40 ships within the canal itself rendering it unusable.
Because this blocking of the canal had brought to pass exactly what Western Europe and the US had feared, great economic pressure forced the United Kingdom to declare ceasefire on November 6th, leaving the French and Israeli forces without much support.
British Pilots of the time would have been using 'make-do' watches. A number of Omega and Longines movements, left over from WWII stock, were overhauled in the UK and fitted into specially made waterproof cases with screw down backs, the dials and hands were also often replaced, these 1956 issued watches are becoming rare.

Polished case, 36mm diameter, 39mm with crown, 43mm lug to lug
9.3mm total depth, 32.4mm/7.5 internal aperture, 6mm crown, 31mm glass
31.5mm Black dial, wide minutes scale at outer edge
Hours indicated with white Arabic numbers and green dots
Hands are green painted poires style Hours and minutes hands, white painted seconds hand
Black Nylon, Zulu style strap, 18mm wide

Oh and just in case you were interested, the Jets are Hawker Hunters.


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