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MWC 64 - Czechoslovakian Air Force 1940s

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Within a short 20 years of its foundation in 1918, the Airforce of the young Czechoslovakian nation had grown into one of the best equipped and modern air forces in Europe. Supported by a number of aircraft and engine building companies, using licensed versions of some of the best and most advanced machinery available at that time, personnel were extremely well motivated to protect their country.
In September 1938 the Munich Agreement handed over the Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia to the aggressive demands of Hitler and Nazi Germany and at the same time drastically reduced the fighting capacity of the entire Czechoslovakian armed forces. German troops occupied Sudetenland on 1st November. On 15th March 1939, without any shots being fired, Germany captured the rest of the country.
With few options left to them, many Czechoslovakian Air Force staff crossed the border into Poland, A few of the pilots remained there to fight alongside the Polish Air crews but many more continued onto Romania and then onto France where they gained a reputation as fierce fighters in the French Fighter squadrons. By June 1940 Germany had all but conquered France and the Checkoslovakian Pilots were forced to retreat once more, and this time they went to Britain where their experience was welcomed by the British RAF. They quickly adapted to the Hurrican and Spitfire aircraft and were soon heavily involved in the battle of Britain.
Many of the Checkoslovakian Pilots used their own watches, most were high-quality Swiss timepieces, produced for the civilian market by companies such as Longines, but readily accepted by the military. A mixture of civilian and Military marked watches still exist but are rare.

Polished 38mm Cushion case, 41mm with crown, 9.3mm deep, 49.5mm Lug to Lug, 20mm lug width.
Interior diameter 32.5mm, 6.5mm deep, 6mm crown, 30mm flat glass

32mm Black dial, white rail track minutes scale, white Arabic hour markers 1 through 12
Polished Cathedral style Hour and Minute hands with white infill, and a slim polishe centre seconds hand
Tan PU leather strap narrows to 18mm polished buckle, aprox. fitting 180/225mm

An original Longines, would have a seconds sub dial at 6 o'clock, as would most watches of the inter-war period.


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