Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

MWC 69 - 1940s Dutch Soldier

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The Netherlands remained neutral during World War 1 and to maintain this they made large-scale cutbacks in the inter-war period. This was reversed to a degree when Hitler came to power, and also when Dutch territories in the Pacific became vulnerable to Japanese expansionism, this proved to be too little too late and the Dutch were unable to prevent the German army overrunning the Dutch defences in May 1940.
The Dutch army was equipped with watches supplied by Swiss company Universal Geneve, A typical mid-century swiss watch design, they were identified by a crown and the letter W, to represent the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmena.

Polished 30mm case, 32.2mm with crown, 7.4mm deep, 372mm Lug to Lug, 16mm lug width.
Interior diameter 27.6mm, 5.7mm deep, 5mm crown, 27mm flat glass,

Typical war period Swiss dial, Black with Railtrack minute scale and Arabic 1-12 numbers
Polished Sword type hour and minute hands with luminous green infill, and a slim polished centre seconds hand.

Black PU leather strap strap, polished buckle, approx. fitting 170/210mm



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