Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

MWC Special 9 - 1950s French Artilleryman, Indochina War

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As usual, the magazine that comes with the special is focused on the subject rather than the watch itself

This looks to be based on a Military Hanhart chronograph pocket watch from 1944/1950.

These timepieces are mainly used by the French in the Indochina war and features a telemetric scale to aid in artillery ranging

Because After WW2 the Hanhart factory was located in the French occupation zone, these high-quality chronographs were available to the French army from the former Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine supplier.


Polished 39mm case, 50mm including the extended crown, 9.5mm deep.

Interior diameter 32mm, 5.5mm deep, 8mm crown, 31.5mm low dome glass,


Black dial with red 1/100th scale at outer edge and Arabic numbers at intervals of 10 up to 100 in white, Hours marked with alternating Numbers at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 and ten and white dots

Black Cathedral type hour and minute hands with white infill and a slim white centre seconds hand.

Fitted with a 32cm white metal chain,

This came in around issue number 70 but I think it should fit around 63 as one was missing from this time


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