Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

MWC 72 - 1930s German Sailor

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Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

In May of 1935 Germany passed "the Law for the Reconstruction of National Defense Forces" in direct defiance of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany had for some time been flouting the controls imposed by the treaty, often openly, a pilot training school had been in operation in Russia and numbers of troops had been steadily increasing for many years, often as quasi-military organisations. Now that defiance was rapidly creating a powerful military force.
In 1939 the Germans devised 'Plan-Z' intending that the German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, would be equal or greater in strength tho the British Royal Navy, the plan to increase the surface fleet to one including four Aircraft carriers and ten battleships never completed, instead construction concentrated on building the U-boat fleet, the smaller vessels required a shorter build time and could be brought to action more quickly than the much larger surface vessels.
At the start of World War II 57 U-boats were operational, though this number rose rapidly. The submarines had a deadly effect on shipping for the allies and new tactics were constantly being tested to counter the threat of the U-boats.
The crews were subject to very tough working conditions. Strict food and water rations combined with cramped working and resting conditions and a constant lack of washing facilities and privacy. Crews had to learn quickly how to counter the constant arms race and losses were proportionally very high in the service.
U-boat commanders were issued with a Hanhart single pusher chronograph, similar to those used by German pilots, but with a telemetric scale.


Brass colour polished 40mm case, 43mm with crown, 10mm deep, 46.2mm Lug to Lug, 20mm lug width.

Interior diameter 36mm, 7.2mm deep, 5mm crown, 35mm flat glass,


Black dial with white Railtrack minute scale and Red Kilometer Telemetric scale Large green Arabic numbers 1-12

Polished gold colour cathedral type, hour and minute hands with green infill, and a slim polished seconds hand.


Black PU leather strap, polished golden buckle, approx. fitting 180/225mm

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