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MWC 73 - 1930s United States Army Pilot

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Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

The early years of the United States Army Air Corps were not an easy time, Evolving from the US Army Air Service, which had been established in World War 1, The creation of that service split opinion between those who thought it was a waste of funds and those who believed air support would be of huge benefit to ground troops. Compromises were made on both sides over control of the service and in 1926 a five-year expansion plan was drawn up to increase the number of squadrons from 32 to 63, and the USAAC was created.
This was again compromised downwards to 52 squadrons, comprising of 1800 aircraft supported by 1650 officers and 15,000 lower ranks, the five-year plan was delayed by politics and reduced funding, in part due to the great depression and the goals of the plan were not achieved until 1938.
The development of aircraft during the 1930s was substantial, improved airframes and materials for manoeuvrability, better-designed propellors and enclosed landing gear for higher speed flight. Pressurised enclosed cabins and heated flight suits allowed high altitudes to be achieved and intercom systems onboard allowed better communications between crews.
Along with all this came timepieces designed for use in flight, from 1935 airmen were issued with the distinctive A-7 type watch, produced by Longines and two other suppliers, the dial was angled at 50 degrees to improve legibility when both hands were occupied controlling the aircraft, the crown was also the chronograph pusher.

Polished 42mm case, 45mm with crown, 9.2mm deep, 50mm Lug to Lug, 20mm lug width.

Interior diameter 37mm, 7mm deep, 6mm crown, 36mm flat glass,


Large clear black dial with white Railtrack scale with numbers each 5 minutes and hours indicated with white Arabic numbers 1-12

Polished Breguet type, hour and minute hands, and a slim polished seconds hand.


Black nylon strap, polished buckle, approx. fitting 175/215mm

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