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MWC 75 - 1940s British Naval Artilleryman

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Launched in 1939 the German battleship 'Bismark' was one of the largest built at that time in Germany, it's mission to disrupt allied supply convoys heading to Britain from the United States made it a priority target for the Allied Navies.
At the start of World War 2, the British Navy was the largest in the world and more were under construction, One of the British Aircraft Carriers 'Ark Royal' was involved in the search for and Sinking of the Bismark.
The initial engagement with 'Bismark' Began at the Battle of Denmark Strait on 24th May 1941 When 'Bismark and the German Heavy Cruiser 'Prinz Eugen' sank the British Battleship 'HMS Hood'. During the battle 'Bismarck' was damaged and while heading to France it was drawn into another combat.
Two waves of 'Fairey Swordfish' torpedo bombers were launched from the 'HMS Victorious' and 'Ark Royal' the second wave was successful in damaging 'Bismark' further, which meant they were unable to steer in anything other than a large circle. The battleship was then subject to an intense bombardment of more than 2800 shells, and after being hit 400 or more times the German crew Scuttled 'Bismark' to prevent the allies getting any secret intelligence from the ship. Many lives were lost as 'Bismark slowly sank'
British Naval Artillerymen relied on specialised artillery timers, that could help determine the accuracy of the shells fired at the enemy. Produced by Optima, Pierce and Doxa they could record timings down to a 5th of a second for accurate measurements.

Polished 34mm case, 36.7mm with crown, 8.7mm deep, 39.4mm Lug to Lug, 18mm lug width.
Interior diameter 30.6mm, 7mm deep, 5mm crown, 31mm flat glass,

Plain White dial with black scale in 5th-second marks, large clear black numbers each 5 minutes, hours not indicated to keep dial simply
Black leaf style, hour and minute hands, and a slim black seconds hand.

Black 18mm Nylon strap, polished buckle, approx. fitting 170/215mm



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