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MWC 77 - 1940s German Women's Auxiliary

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As World war II commenced more than half of the women of working age in Germany were in employment, The Nazi party was keen for women to be focused on family and were eager for the population to grow, They adopted the slogan "Children, Kitchen, Church" and awarded medals to mothers who had 4 or more children.
As the war continued, however, men were increasingly needed to replace those killed, injured or captured in battle, and women again encouraged back to work. They were also officially encouraged to join the armed forces and by 1945 500,000 had a uniformed role in the German Armed forces, a similar number in Civil air defence and 400,000 volunteered as nurses.
The Wehrmachthelferinnen, or Corp of Female Auxiliaries were employed mainly in communications and administration roles, but they also operated in anti-aircraft defence units, as Horse trainers, and also in the SS as telegraph operators and Guards in women's concentration camps, like Ravensbruck.
A number of Swiss manufacturers, like Helvetia and Zenith, produced a general service watch for the German army and also a smaller diameter version specifically meant for women.

Polished 28mm case, 30.2mm with crown, 8mm deep, 33mm Lug to Lug, 13.5mm lug width.

Interior diameter 24mm, 6mm deep, 4.5mm crown, 24mm flat glass,


Very simple Black Dial with unmarked Railtrack minute scale at the outside edge. Hours indicated with numbers 1 to 12

Polished hour and minute hands, in a sword style with white infill, and a slim polished seconds hand.


grey 14mm Nylon strap, polished buckle, approx. fitting 170/210mm

You can see here the strap is slightly pinched into undersized lugs


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