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I'm on the South wall facing north in all the photos, it is a smallish restaurant, besides some booths to the left and right from point of view you can see the entire dining area.

Stopped in today for some lunch. The 50% discount I get makes it cheaper than most places I could choose. A burger, 2 Ribs, 2 Beers, and a Dessert for the wife (peanut butter pie, if she's feeling up to it after her dental visit today). The total before tip was only 16'ish. Though I tipped well, as I have to work with the person who served me today. At 2:30 in the pm I was the only person in the building, and honestly, it was kind of nice.

Tuesday night they asked me if I was interested in becoming an Assistant Manager. Contingent on my hours and availability remaining the same, I accepted. So now I'll be the manager a couple nights a week...not sure what to make of that. Oh well, more money towards the grail, as I'll make manager hourly + tips, instead of server + tips (about a $7.00 difference)

Still haven't 100% figured out what watch is going to be the grail once the grail hunt is over. Perhaps that's part of the fun. Current contenders are Breitling Colt & Longines Legend Diver.
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  1. Dan R's Avatar
    Very nice! Now-a-days, my raise money goes to fountain pens. Glad to see other people doing a similar thing.
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