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MWC 81 - 1960s British Submariner

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The Royal Navy first launched a submarine in 1901, the HMS Holand One, and although Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson, then Controller of the Navy, called the new style of sea warfare "underhand, unfair and damned un-English" the submarine was here to stay. During World War One submarines proved their effectiveness, despite being a small minority of the active Navy personnel, The Submarine Service was awarded Five Victoria Crosses - the highest award for gallantry in wartime - out of the 19 awarded to the Royal Navy.
World War Two was again a challenging time for the Royal Navy, Germany was pushing technology to new limits and innovation in both evasion and detection made huge leaps during the war. Crews were pushed well beyond normal limits of endurance often under extremely stressful conditions for days at a time.
The introduction of nuclear-powered Submarines removed one of the limiting factors of keeping submerged for long periods, and the Russians concentrated on getting large numbers of Submarines armed with Ballistic missiles. The USA and UK Navies concentrated on improved technology and crew training in advanced tactics to balance the capabilities of the respective fleets. Having a silent, undetectable launch platform operating, often unknown even to their own side, anywhere in the world, became the backbone of the nuclear deterrent during the Cold War.
Some key crewmen on Royal Navy vessels were issued Lemania Chronographs, similar to those used by surface crews and Royal Airforce pilots, but without the radioactive luminous dials, due to the sensitivity of radiation detection equipment on the vessels.

Bushed 42mm asymmetric case, 43mm with protected crown, 13.5mm deep, 46mm Lug to Lug, 20mm lug width.

Interior diameter 36mm, 13.5mm deep, 7mm crown, 33mm flat glass, Cosmetic sprung pusher at 2 O'clock position


White Dial with a black minute scale at the outside edge. Hours indicated in Black Arabic numerals.

Black lozenge shaped hour and minute hands, and a matching slim seconds hand.


Black Canvas 20mm wide, polished buckle, approx. fitting 180/225mm


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