Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

MWC 84 - 1940s German Paratrooper

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The Soviets had already demonstrated the military possibilities of airborne infantry, large numbers of troops could parachute into potential battle zones via large transport aircraft, and while they would not be heavily armed they had the advantage of surprise and could then be reinforced by land-based infantry with heavier armaments

Germany's Parachute arm, the Fallschirmjager, was officially begun in January of 1936 with a small number of men and saw their first official combat during the invasion of Norway in 1940, the success of that encounter saw their numbers increased and further and a series of actions in the Low Countries, Italy and the Balkans, bothe Eastern and Western fronts and in 1941 the Battle of Crete

German Paratroops were not heavily armed and were often issued with light machine guns and recoilless artillery, timings of advances were critical so each trooper would have a wristwatch, usually standard army issue, but on occasion, Luftwaffe issue watches were also used

Polished 33mm case, 35.7mm with crown, 8mm deep, 42mm Lug to Lug, 18mm lug width
Interior diameter 30mm, 6mm deep, 4.5mm crown, 30mm flat glass
Black Dial with white printed rail-track minute scale at the outside edge. Tan dots at 5-minute intervals,
Hours indicated in Tan colour Arabic numerals
Polished Sword shaped hour and minute hands with tan infill, and a polished slim seconds hand
Black PU Leather "croc" effect strap 16mm wide at the lugs, narrows to an 14mm polished buckle, approx. fitting 70/220mm



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